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Gavin Jordan

Gavin is a Jamaican-born artist and co-founder of 24 Marie. He has embarked on an artistic journey driven by a profound desire to awaken appreciation for the hidden beauty within life's seemingly insignificant moments. Through captivating artworks, he invites viewers to explore deep emotions and boundless imagination, transcending singular narratives.

Drawing inspiration from nature's allure, human emotions, and the intricate details of daily existence, Gavin's artistic focus often centers around the human figure. His innovative technique, involving industrial screws, brings these figures to life in three dimensions, creating a unique blend of modern impressionism, pointillism, and perceptual art. This captivating approach illuminates the central figure, crafting a new narrative around them.

Gavin's artistic journey has been punctuated by significant milestones, including his impactful solo show "Moments in Time", which was held in Kingston, Jamaica in November 2022. This exhibition, alongside various features and collaborations, has played a pivotal role in the evolution of his distinct style. Through his mesmerizing artworks, Gavin invites viewers to explore profound emotions and boundless imagination, transcending singular narratives and fostering a deep connection with the inherent beauty of life's often overlooked moments.

Artworks by Gavin Jordan

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