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Our vision is to be a dynamic hub of contemporary black art, where creativity knows no bounds, and artists and art enthusiasts converge to explore diverse narratives, challenge perceptions, and celebrate the rich tapestry of our culture.

The gallery was founded by Gavin Jordan and Tameka Jordan. It offers to art enthusiasts, art collectors, and the creative community an experience focused on black contemporary art. It provides a curated collection of exceptional artworks for sale, including paintings, pottery, sculptures, and mixed media artwork.


The gallery also offers art consulting and advisory services, assisting clients in acquiring and curating their art collections. It hosts exhibitions, events, and collaborations that contribute to the cultural landscape as part of the urban renewal within the Flagler Village community, further contributing to an already vibrant artistic community and providing a platform for emerging artists.  


Tameka Jordan

Co-Founder & General Manager

Tameka is a seasoned legal professional who holds the esteemed roles of Attorney and Foreign Legal Consultant. Tameka brings an expansive perspective to 24Marie.  Beyond her legal pursuits, Tameka's passion for art, nurtured since childhood, is evident through her extensive travels, collection of books, and over 300 artworks, showcasing her deep appreciation for culture and creativity.

Gavin Jordan


Gavin is a visionary business executive from Jamaica. Educationally enriched, Jordan holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Economics from the University of the West Indies, Jamaica, and a Master of Financial Management from the University of London. These degrees underpin his artistry, nurturing a well-rounded perspective.

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