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Leonia McKoy

Leonia, born in Kingston, Jamaica, discovered her passion for clay at Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. As a testament to her dedication and artistic prowess, Leonia not only navigated the intricate world of ceramics but also emerged as a standout talent, earning the prestigious Dean's Award upon her graduation in 2001. Her journey of artistic exploration, however, did not stop at accolades; it extended into the realms of cultural expression and innovation. 


Leonia employs the African Coil Technique in her craft. It is a method that transcends mere craftsmanship; it is a dance with tradition, a dialogue with heritage. The African Coil Technique, a time-honored method with roots in indigenous African pottery, is reinvigorated under Leonia's touch. Each piece she creates tells a story, not just of clay and form, but of cultural continuity and evolution. 

In each piece she sculpts, Leonia breathes life into the clay, infusing it with the spirit of her Jamaican roots and the ancient echoes of African craftsmanship. Her art becomes a celebration of heritage, a testimony to the enduring power of culture, and an invitation to journey through the corridors of tradition with a contemporary guide.

Leonia Mckoy

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